Saturday, July 31, 2010

i win

Last night after work, I drove up to a cottage with the bestfriends sister and her mister. WE ended up getting SOOO lost, but since she drives a Jeep we were able to go off roading for a little bit and enjoy the nice weather/scenery... We finallly made it to the cottage at around 7, and proceeded to fill our bellies with beer (via flip cup).
After sitting out in the yard watching the fire grow, more and more people started to show up.... By midnight there must've been atleast 25 people all jamming out by the fire. It was such a great night that culminated with fireworks. Ahhh.... le summer, i love you.
The annual epic birthday bonanza kicked off last night at the cottage. Tonight we continue at one of my all-time favourite spots in Ottawa... Trio.
Tomorrow the debauchery continues at Zaphods where I will be joined (hopefuly) by many friends... I bought a really cute dress, and I'm feeling really good about tomorrow. More updates to follow.

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