Monday, August 2, 2010

post debauchery

you called me. on my birthday. from the middle east. to wish me a happy birthday. I couldn't believe it when I listened to your voicemail. My heart felt like it was braking into little pieces, and it was all my fault, had I not been in bed sleeping off a mean hangover, I would've picked up the phone... ugh I was so mad at myself.
and then you called again. and I couldn't believe my luck, to hear your voice for the first time since April... It was so surreal, and the most amazing birthday present I could've ever asked for.

I worry I am reading into this too much. I worry you won't feel the same way. I worry my heart is going to get broken... and then I remind myself to just take a deep breath, and think about your goofy smile.

-----------------on a very different note.
Why would the tall and skinny man decide to make a pass at one? Why did he automatically asume he could just invite himself into a slumber party. not cool. hope you enjoyed a taste of your own medicine.

umm... found this little guy on the interwebs. me wants one.


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