Sunday, January 9, 2011

lazy sunday

dealing with a massive hangover due to last night debauchery has taken over my sunday.
All of the sudden, cleaning my room, doing laundry and leaving the house have all been replaced by a sudden urge to watch a 10+ hour CSI marathon. Too much? probably.

Spoke with Army man last night. Called to check in and see how his first week of school went, and somehow we ended up making plans to hangout. I can't help but be skeptical and keep my guard up in case he bails.... An update will follow mid-week.

I'm starting to wonder if I should consider documenting my outfits. Silly thought, but am very intrigued buy the benefits that would have on my shopping OCD.*

Re-cap of the last few days:
-KS celebrated her birthday last night. In true fashion we showed up at the bar and tore it up; and then I pulled an ultimate me-move and proceeded to bail and go home just after 1.
-Went tobogganing with the bearded man, tall and skinny man and some of their friends. It was SO much fun. We tobogganed for what seemed like hours, and had an absolute blast!

*I swear it makes sense... Being able to see which pieces in my closet work, which don't and actually being able to see what I look like on a regular basis might help me shop my own closet. Am I rambling?

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