Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year! I hope your coming Year is filled with excitement and happiness. I hope you’re inspired to write and create and love and live out loud. I hope you dream beautiful, bewildering dreams that keep you believing in possibilities and, most importantly, yourself. I hope you read some fine books, travel to great places, see some things that scare you, kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful-who you think is wonderful. And I hope sometime within this next year, you really surprise yourself. (via http://christinerojas.tumblr.com/)

Want a recap of how the first 12 days of the year were spent? So far the daily wrap up is as follows...

January 1st. Bearded man called, we went for breakfast. Might have been the air, or the tea.. But I finally accepted that he might not be in to me*. After a very uncomfortable 20 minutes at his house, I promptly got up and came home. I spent all day in bed, lounging... bored.

January 2nd. B-uuu-uuuu-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuud had me over at his pad for some pints. By pints I mean an awesome 2-4 challenge. Although I didnt come close to winning, I did beat my contenders and went to bed at 1 am.

January 3rd. Magical day. Grabbed bittie and went to the market for an epic feast. We shared a bottle of vino and some 'za. Hung out with the familia afterwards, then came home.

January 4th. Drone. Might play with Glen Cairn folk later on.

ps: Army man is out of the picture. It hurts, but it hurts more to be in constant wondering.

*I am broken, un-datable apparently

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